I have missed all of you, it has been weeks(literally) since I’ve made a post.  I wanted to issue a statement for the relaunch.

Due to my vision, I have decided to put Madness To Creation to bed.  It was a good starting point, but then I realized that we were doing things that literally ever other music website was doing, and I decided to put my educational background and my current occupation as a teacher and created “Scholastic Perspectives.”  I believe that Scholastic Perspectives is going to be a fresh look on things, looking at the music industry, the state of education and travel/history from an educator’s point of view.  I solemnly promise to make the website where ALL points of view are invited and welcomed.  We do not believe in “cancelling” anyone as freedom of speech and expression is what makes this country great even IF we happen to disagree.  Plus our readers and listeners are intelligent enough to where they are free thinkers.  Scholastic Perspectives is where free thinking and getting educated builds personal growth.  Unleash your potential and unleash your mind!  


Thank you for reading and enjoy!

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