Contributor’s Note:  Recently, legendary singer/songwriter Chris De Burgh released his 27th studio album entitled “The Legend of Robin Hood.”  The album takes on his story and conceptualizes the injustices, circumstances and the life that Robin Hood lived and brings it to life for the listener.  The album was so well put together that a production company out of Germany is going to make it into a musical.

“The Legend of Robin Hood” was produced by Chris Porter and it takes the listener through an aural extravaganza through a wide variety of musical genres including Medieval, traditional, nursery rhymes, Celtic, folk, rock, classical and choral.  The album includes the single “Live Life, Live Well” along with a reimagination of one of de Burgh’s crowd favorites entitled “Light a Fire.”


Dr. Mark Dean chats with Chris de Burgh for Scholastic Perspectives to discuss this album along with his storied career as a singer/songwriter including his classic song “The Lady In Red.”  Fans can find Chris de Burgh on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and his official website.

Fans can find Scholastic Perspectives on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, along with Spotify, iHeartRadio, YouTube and Spreaker.


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