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(Album Review)  “Ghost Tapes #10” by GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT
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(Album Review) “Ghost Tapes #10” by GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT

It’s fair to say that Ireland’s instrumental experimentalists God Is An Astronaut have been around the block a few times. Their latest offering "Ghost Tapes #10" is their 10th album and sees piano and guitar wizard Jamie Dean return to the fold. Instrumental bands like this tend to polarise people into two camps; those that dislike instrumental groups and those (like me) who love the emotive soundscapes such bands can weave. It is with a happy heart that I can say that those who love this sort of thing will not be disappointed. From the angular dissonance of Adrift through to the emotional storm swept Burial GIAA are on top form; their music, sans lyrics, allowing the listener the freedom to choose for themselves the emotions they experience. Less ‘songs’ and more sonic soundscapes, ...
(Mental Health Fireside Chats)  COVID-19 & The Music Industry
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(Mental Health Fireside Chats) COVID-19 & The Music Industry

Editor's Note:  Please welcome Mike out of Liverpool, England to Madness To Creation.  He's going to cover the darker side of music and help with video content!  I am elated to have him on board with Madness To Creation.  Here he is discussing his take with the Covid-19 pandemic and the music industry.  Here is Mike below! Now, there are many that say I’m not qualified to write a piece on this, beyond being a generally angry Northern gobshite, but, as someone who loves music, live music in particular, I feel I have a right to an opinion.   It’s no secret by now that this pandemic is having horrific impacts on the lives of almost everyone. That is an unfortunate given. But, particularly in the UK, there does seem to be a sector that is being hit harder than most; the arts. Whe...