Album Review–Danko Jones Power Trio

On August 27, Danko Jones Power Trio via Sonic Unyon, the band’s 10th studio album.  Many bands mix a classic sound with modern day riffs, yet fewer do it better than Danko Jones and Power Trio may be their best work yet! Many musicians have produced music based on the great change in the world … Continue reading Album Review–Danko Jones Power Trio

(Album Review) “Slain in the Spirit” by NECRONAUTICAL

Slain in the Spirit is the latest offering from extreme blackened metal outfit, Necronautical. The dark quartet, from Manchester in the UK, unleash utterly demonic sounds. The band delve into the dark abyss exploring all aspects of life, death and everything in-between. Necronaut (noun); derived from the Greek words nekros (νεκρός), meaning "corpse" or "dead", … Continue reading (Album Review) “Slain in the Spirit” by NECRONAUTICAL

(Album Therapy Reviews): “Horizons/East” by THRICE

One of the most mindblowing bands I have ever feasted my ears upon, Thrice, has released their latest record entitled "Horizons/East" via Epitaph Records.  Thrice once again writes the playbook on how to create a record that sounds enormous, different, and all the while not straying too far from the path for the Thrice diehards … Continue reading (Album Therapy Reviews): “Horizons/East” by THRICE

(Album Review) “Product of My Environment” by JARHEAD FERTILIZER

Hailing from Ocean City, Maryland, the quartet are bringing a brutal sound with prominent influences of death and grind. The new album 'Product of My Environment' by Jarhead Fertilizer takes their sound into dystopian realms. If you like it heavy, this is an album for you! Listening to 'Intro', the word that comes to mind … Continue reading (Album Review) “Product of My Environment” by JARHEAD FERTILIZER

(Album Review): Day 6 of Black History Month(Day Late) “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'” by 50 CENT

Happy 18th Birthday to "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'" by 50 Cent.  If this album was a human, it could enlist in the military, buy pornography, and be on its way to graduate high school(unless you're a prodigy of course).  Seems like these days 50 Cent is known for throwing that ridiculously errant first pitch … Continue reading (Album Review): Day 6 of Black History Month(Day Late) “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'” by 50 CENT

(Album Review): A Modern Man’s Way To Improve by ROYAL HORSES

Back in December 2020, Mississippi's own Royal Horses released their record entitled "A Modern Man's Way To Improve".  This ditty promises to offer some toe-tappin', moonshine swilling, southern style barbecue at Grandmama's house while getting schnockered something fierce. Royal Horses is a hodgepodge of your grandmama's favorite music rolled up with a twist of your … Continue reading (Album Review): A Modern Man’s Way To Improve by ROYAL HORSES

(Album Review) “Moment” by DARK TRANQUILLITY

Hailing from Sweden, ‘Moment’ is the new album from the iconic melodic death metallers Dark Tranquillity. This release is their first in four years following the (Swedish) Grammy-nominated album, ‘Atoma’. Dark Tranquillity’s sound contains a contradictory combination of demonic harsh vocals, heavily bring the death element, and soaring, progressive guitar lead melodies. ‘Transient’, in particular, … Continue reading (Album Review) “Moment” by DARK TRANQUILLITY

(Album Review) “Seismic” by WITHOUT MERCY

The Vancouver based death metal outfit continue to grow after almost two decades. ‘Seismic’ is the fifth release from death metallers Without Mercy and featuring of talented guests: Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, ex-Nevermore), and Chris Broderick (Act of Defiance, ex-Megadeth, ex-Jag Panzer). The album dives straight into a dynamic powerful sound with ‘Thunderbird’, featuring Jeff. … Continue reading (Album Review) “Seismic” by WITHOUT MERCY

(Album Review) “Amahiru” by AMAHIRU

Amahiru are described as combining ‘traditional metal with melodic and oriental infused elements’ and it’s a pretty apt description. All of these elements throw themselves at you from the off – the opening track ‘Innocent’ gives a great taste of their sound. The oriental elements have a prominent place, they aren’t lost or merely added … Continue reading (Album Review) “Amahiru” by AMAHIRU