(Single Premiere) “MYSTERIUM” by WRECHE

Premiering on the 26th April 2021, 'MYSTERIUM' is the new track from Wreche - "Where black metal and classical music vie for privilege, hope, and death in smog laden basin of sunt" 'MYSTERIUM' lands ahead of the new album 'All my dreams came true' releasing on the 14th May 2021. A colossal masterpiece, this album … Continue reading (Single Premiere) “MYSTERIUM” by WRECHE

(EP Review) “And the Forests Dream Eternally” Re-Issue by BEHEMOTH

On September 18th, Behemoth will release CD and vinyl re-issues of their debut EP, ‘And the Forests Dream Eternally’. This new release celebrates their distinctive haunting sound and their early career. ‘Transylvanian Forest’ opens the EP with an eerie atmosphere of squawking birds and hidden creatures before exploding into their dark sound. Raspy vocals from … Continue reading (EP Review) “And the Forests Dream Eternally” Re-Issue by BEHEMOTH

(EP Review) “Pharos” by IHSAHN

Earlier this year Ihsahn released his dark EP ‘Telemark’. ‘Pharos’ provides a contrasting light to this previous release which sees the two works create a complimentary, yet contrasting, duo. “‘Pharos’ is musically and conceptually like a reverse image of ‘Telemark’, IHSAHN explains of the earlier of the two companion releases. “Where ‘Telemark’ was all about … Continue reading (EP Review) “Pharos” by IHSAHN

(Album Review) “Premonitions” by SOJOURNER

Sojourner don’t throw you into their music, they hold your hand and lead you gently into their dark soundscape. The incredible atmospheric textures of the instrumentation and vocals completely immerse you. It’s like falling into an alternate version of Wonderland. The Monolith opens their new album, Premonitions, with a powerful sound. It encapsulates Sojourner’s style … Continue reading (Album Review) “Premonitions” by SOJOURNER

(Album Review) “The Reckoning Dawn” by WINTERFYLLETH

‘The Reckoning Dawn’ sees UK black metallers, Winterfylleth, return two years after their critically acclaimed acoustic/folk album, ‘The Hallowing of Heirdom’. Hailing from Manchester, they draw inspiration from England’s vast history and dynamic landscapes. The album packs a punch from the off with ‘Misdeeds Of Faith’. The immense wall of sound created by the instrumentation … Continue reading (Album Review) “The Reckoning Dawn” by WINTERFYLLETH