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12 Years Later:  Why We Still Miss Eddie Guerrero
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12 Years Later: Why We Still Miss Eddie Guerrero

On November 13th, 2005, Eddie Guerrero passed away at the age of 38 of a heart attack at a hotel room in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I remember the very somber feeling of his passing like it happened yesterday.  Eddie Guerrero was the consummate performer that you hated when he was a heel but you cheered your heart out for when he was a babyface.  I still get emotional when I watch any tribute video to this day on him.  I have pegged 12 reasons, one for each year why we miss Eddie Guerrero:  He lied.  Eddie Guerrero lied to steal victories, but he did it in the most creative ways, whether it was to put one over on his opponent, but he used it to play mind games on his opponents. 2.  Eddie Guerrero cheated. Watch Eddie Guerrero put one over on M...