Friday, November 26

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(Album Review)  “Skull Echo” by JULIA MARCELL
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(Album Review) “Skull Echo” by JULIA MARCELL

This Friday, Berlin/Warsaw singer-songwriter Julia Marcell will be releasing "Skull Echo" via Long Branch Records.  This concept record on loneliness is sure to stir the soul while blending sweeping pop melodies and futuristic production, which will remind fans of Bjork and PJ Harvey.  Here is what we had to say about "Skull Echo": Julia Marcell has produced a beautiful soundtrack for a panicked time, a neon lullaby for both the careful listener and someone looking for their next favorite song.  Skull Echo is dancy yet pouty, the lyrics and delivery are introspective but anthemic, built for the sing along, through tears on a drive or grinning, hopeful at dawn.  The Polish artist evokes cinematic elements, moments of thunderous timpani amidst the pocketed groove of pop songs.   Tracks like...