(Album Review) “Electric Pentagram” by LOVEBITES

Rising high in the Japanese metal scene, Lovebites bring a dynamic sound inspired by Western metal bands and, their own unique backgrounds in music. Their sound is powerful from the off with strong melodic and power metal influences. Lovebites aren’t afraid to experiment with their music to create something different and this can be seen … Continue reading (Album Review) “Electric Pentagram” by LOVEBITES

(Album Review) “Space Ninjas From Hell” by Victorius

From the off there’s a lot going on with this album - Space Ninjas From Hell is an incredible title for an album. The German power metallers Victorius deliver an epic tale through their lyrics and music; the narrative is central to this album. The storyline goes something like this: ‘One evil ninja clan, called … Continue reading (Album Review) “Space Ninjas From Hell” by Victorius