Contributor’s Note: Episode 26 of The Don’s Hit List Podcast is now available with a warning: This is not for the faint of heart. Loud music and language.

There are no limits to the music I listen to where I can go from a soft piano ballad, a country song, R&B, rock, reggae and then I can go really heavy and loud.

This is the latter…

We dive into the dark side with metal band Abiotic and their guitar player John Matos and we go through the goosebump moments in their tracks. Heavy Metal bands tipping the scales to the dark side have incredible musicianship. They move at 100 mph and the sounds are intricate.

During the discussion we get into his favorite band Opeth and his favorite goosebump moment in their song and that leads us into the movie Clerks,

Near the end of the interview we get into their latest single “Emerald”. This is an emotional discussion. Here is what John mentions this song was inspired by a devastating story on a personal level. The song is based on the events of a close of the band for over 5+ years who lost his wife late last year to a drug overdose. The voice you hear in the song is their friend talking about what was going on that final day when she was no longer with us. This song was therapeutic for their friend and the band. John gets choked up while explaining the impact of this song. Proceeds from this song are going to their friend’s son’s education fund.

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  • Photo Credit:  Rilee Dubile

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