While covering a show in Iowa City, Iowa, Houston, Texas’s own The Scars Heal In Time provided direct support for City Of The Weak at Gabe’s Oasis.  Sadly, it was a sparse crowd, as in maybe 20 people(and that’s even stretching it), but The Scars Heal In Time played a cover of “Zombie” by The Cranberries, and I immediately became intrigued with this three piece outfit out of Houston.  They hung around the merch table and I decided to pick up their CD entitled “Double Exposure”.

The Scars Heal In Time is composed of Kayla Smith on guitars/vocals, Tayler Smith on drums, and touring musician Ryan Fitz on guitars.  They brought a different flair to the rock that we are used to hearing, it had a singer/songwriter feel to it.  “Double Exposure” starts off with a groovy laden/guitar thick track entitled “Ready To Go”, it has that 90’s grunge feel to it meets a touch of The Cranberries and 4 Non-Blondes(remember them) feel to it.  It showcases that The Scars Heal In Time are focused on their craft of having quality guitar rock while making it accessible and radio friendly.  I like how the guitars feel and the groove feels in this track.  “Drive” has a great focus on lyricism focusing on not giving up, and demanding to be heard although people might not be listening.  It has a solid mid-tempo flair and it is really focused on serving the song, which is the strength of The Scars Heal In Time.  “The Monster Within” offers an extremely catchy alternative rock guitar hook as the song kicks in.

“Double Exposure” has a heartfelt ballad that I could see it on television placements in the future, in particular the track “If I Leave”.  The piano “riff”(or chords as most people call it) kind of has a “My Immortal” feel by Evanescence meets a Tori Amos ballad.  It talks about that fear of losing a loved one and the pain that people go through it, it is such a beautiful track, it is definitely a standout moment for The Scars Heal In Time.  It shows the potential of Kayla’s voice in this track.

“Double Exposure” by The Scars Heal In Time have songs that are written from the heart, musicianship that serves the song, and it brings that 1990’s pop/rock meets grunge feel to it, which will make it a quality listen to go through, I would like to see Kayla sound stronger in her singing, especially when songs pick up, although she’s solid at conveying emotion.  In the future, I want to see more standout moments from this record.  While, it’s a solid record, I see myself maybe busting this album out every once in a while.  From a production standpoint, it needs to sound more polished, which I believe will come with time, and as they grow as a band.  Case in point, I want to hear the guitar solo stick out like a sore thumb in “Things Are Different Now”, and the guitar solo was cut off too soon in my opinion.  When I review a record, I need to be able to stop what I’m doing and be blown away, it lacks that, although there are good moments in the album, these eargasm moments could come with time as they grow as a band. This album gets a 6.5/10 stars from me, but if you’re into some 90’s guitar driven influenced rock with some quality lyrics in the songwriting, then go ahead and give this album a shot, this might be for you.

“Double Exposure” by The Scars Heal In Time:

  1.  Ready To Go
  2.  Drive
  3.  Let Me In
  4.  If I Leave
  5.  Reach Out To You
  6.  The Monster Within
  7.  Things Are Different Now
  8.  Dear Sam
  9.  S.O.A.
  10.  The Darkest Place Of All
  11.  Burn
  12.  Memory

Ten months ago, they released their music video for “I’m About To Break”. Check it out!  *Disclaimer* THIS is what I’m talking about with the potential of this band!  I’m looking forward to hearing their next album already!

They are currently providing direct support for City Of The Weak.  Check out the tour dates below!

Tuesday, August 15th- Hero’s in Fort Smith, Arkansas

Wednesday, August 16th- The Curtain Club in Dallas, Texas

Thursday, August 17th- The Sidewinder in Austin, Texas

Friday, August 18th- Jack’s in San Antonio, Texas

Saturday, August 19th- Bikerpallooza 2017 in Houston, Texas

The Scars Heal In Time is also performing a one-off date on Saturday, September 16th at the Mesa Theater in Grand Junction, Colorado.  One Flew West, Scarlet Canary, Sleep Signals, Wake Me, Best 303 Sounds, Big O, Television Generation, and The New Narrative will all be performing that night.  Click here for tickets and further information.

Check out The Scars Heal In Time at the following locations:







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