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(Single Premiere)  “Happy When I’m Sad” by RENAISSANCE GRRL
Prep Time, Standards and Benchmarks

(Single Premiere) “Happy When I’m Sad” by RENAISSANCE GRRL

Here at Madness To Creation, we are more than happy to premiere the single for "Happy When I'm Sad" by RENAISSANCE GRRL.  Renaissance Grrl is the side-project of 18-year old Alannah Jackson of Miss Kill fame.  Renaissance Grrl described as‘a young Kurt Cobain ’by Luke Pritchard of The Kooks, has her first single being released on the 5th of June, titled ‘Happy When I’m Sad’. This song captures the feelings of being shut in your room for 3 months with music as your only friend.This single was written at a time of absolute isolation,when there was absolutely nothing to do but music, dark times but the best of times. This is a song that everyone can relate to not only musicians but people who have only the voices inside their head to talk to.‘Happy When I’m Sad’is a reverb soup wrapped up in ...
“She’s So Hot” by Jackie Daytona, bound to make everyone hot!
Standards and Benchmarks

“She’s So Hot” by Jackie Daytona, bound to make everyone hot!

Get yourself a pen and a notepad.  Millenials, go find your tablet and open up your social media.  I want you all to write down, tweet, Instagram, and Facebook about Jackie Daytona, and remember the day that you read this review and heard about this band because Tremolo Records have stumbled upon a gold mine.  This past Friday, March 2nd, Jackie Daytona released their debut record entitled "She's So Hot". Jackie Daytona is composed of Jack Doyle on bass/vocals and Justin Robinson on drums.  They set upon a mission to create the biggest lo-fi sound, with as much distortion chocked full of power pop melodies that they could in a 20 minute plus span.  They wrote seven songs in a matter of days and "She's So Hot" was thrown down on people's laps causing burn marks everywhere due to the hotnes...
Unleash Them:  “Thunderchief” by Shotgun Sawyer, backcountry rock!
Standards and Benchmarks

Unleash Them: “Thunderchief” by Shotgun Sawyer, backcountry rock!

Editor's Note:  In "Unleash Them", this is where you can find artists/bands that have reached out to me that really want to get their name out there.  If we're blown away, or see significant amounts of potential, we will tell our readers about them!  I'm revamping this section of Madness To Creation to exclusively focus on local, regional, and unsigned artists. As the editor of Madness To Creation, this is where my heart is, is with the bands/artists that are willing to pay thousands of dollars for production of a record and top-notch gear in order to play $50 gigs at dive locations.  In "Unleash Them", you will get to read about the bio of the band, check out a song, plus a review of the band, and if they're "Coming To You", you get to see where they're playing in an effort to support the...