Contributor’s Note:  Ray Patricks of Maryland rock band LAST KISS GOODNIGHT discussed their “goosebump moments” on The Don’s Hit List Podcast via FAB Radio International with “The Don” and “The Grizz”.  Last Kiss Goodnight recently released “Immortal” and their first single “Love Separation” reached #21 on the Billboard Rock Radio Indicator chart and #7 on the Foundations SMR chart.  Formed in 2018, LAST KISS GOODNIGHT is a collective of seasoned musicians who have each performed alongside some of the top names in rock music. After tiring of playing in cover bands, drummer and band founder Robert Lasky turned to an online app designed to connect musicians and teamed up with rhythm guitarist Dan Stroud. The two began writing together and ultimately connected with some of the best musicians in the Baltimore area. They crafted and fine-tuned 20+ songs for nine months before eventually enlisting the help of Tacoma-based singer Ray Patricks. After demoing the songs that would become their debut album, it only took a plane ticket and 35 days before the band emerged from the studio with a finished record, produced by the legendary Frank Marchand (Bob Mould).  Last Kiss Good Night is composed of Ray Patricks on vocals, Dan Stroud on guitars, Rob Lasky on drums, Carlo Pizzaro on guitar and Kevin Baker on bass.  Fans can find Last Kiss Goodnight at the following locations:

Fans can find The Don’s Hit List Podcast at the following locations:

Fans can check out “Immortal” by Last Kiss Goodnight via Spotify below:

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