Hailing from Chester and Manchester in the UK, Disconnected Souls are a metal band who strive to create something different. They blend together three powerful genres: metal, electronic and classical. Disconnected Souls also manage to find means of taking inspiration from other areas of music and art and developing those ideas into their music.

The quartet have created a tradition for themselves by releasing the cover of a Christmas song each year. This cover of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s The Power of Love, is their third cover following last year’s A Spaceman Came Travelling, by Chris De Burgh, and their first cover, Walking in The Air. They chose The Power of Love because it’s a dramatic track that could be easily enhanced and experimented with. With the events of the past year, it’s also fitting to try and bring some positivity and love to their growing audience.

The single sees Disconnected Souls delve further into orchestral composition and the world of soundscapes to produce their own eerily beautiful rendition of the track. Holly’s vocals explore the lower end of her range to enhance the haunting elements and reveal more of the sounds the band can create. Following on from the release of their acclaimed debut EP Warring Elements, back in March, Disconnected Souls have thrown themselves into writing for their next release, taking their composition and production to the next level. Releasing The Power of Love not only gives fans something new to enjoy in between major releases, it lifts the curtain on some musical elements that will be found in future compositions. This track also sees backing vocals contributed from Jonny Young and Lindzi North of the progressive metal duo, Fight The Tornado.

‘The Power of Love’ self releases on the 3rd December 2020, on all major platforms.

Disconnected Souls are:

♰ Patrick Lloyd: Vocals / Programming
♰ Holly Royle: Guitars / Vocals / Keys / Programming
♰ Matthew Simon Fletcher: Guitars / Keys / Bass / Vocals / Programming
♰ Tim Jenkins: Synths / Keys / Guitars / Programming

Disconnected Souls’ Links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/disconnectedsouls

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DSbandUK

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/disconnected_souls

Bandcamp: https://disconnectedsouls.bandcamp.com/



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