It was a wild night of hair-metal music and nostalgia as one of the most talented bands out of the genre, Tesla ripped through their brand of hair-metal at The Paramount in Huntington, New York.  Regional metal mainstays Voices of Extreme and Bad Marriage served as special guests on this night of music.  Boston’s own Bad Marriage kicked off the raucous night of music.

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Bad Marriage is composed of Jon Paquin on vocals, Mike Fitz on guitar, Ian Haggerty on guitar, Todd Boisvert on bass, and Michael Delaney on drums.  The band did a great job with their boogie-woogie style of rock as they incorporated a lot of fun and swagger with dashes of sleaze into their music.  Along with their songs and stage presence, they did an exciting rendition of “Walkin’ The Dog” by Aerosmith.  They will be opening for L.A. Guns featuring Tracii Gunns coming up.  To learn more about Bad Marriage, check out their official website at .  Voices Of Extreme also served as an opening act for Tesla on this night.

  • Credit to Bad Marriage concert photographs depicted above go to Crios Photography

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Voices of Extreme is a power rock trio out of New York composed of Don Chaffin(vocals/guitars), Steven Knight on bass, and Jordan Cannata on drums.  Back in 2017, they have shared direct support billing on a tour for the legendary Geoff Tate, formerly of Queensryche.  With their power rock, solid arrangements, and electrifying stage presence, I can see Voices of Extreme doing very well for themselves in the future.  The crowd was scorching hot and waiting with baited breath for Tesla.

  • Concert Photography for Voices of Extreme depicted above goes to Crios Photography

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  • Concert Photography credit for Tesla depicted above goes to Crios Photography

The lights lowered and Sacramento’s own TESLA took the stage.  The crowd immediately went wild as they kicked into their 2008 single entitled “I Wanna Live”.  The song set the tone for the good vibes and the energy that vocalist Jeff Keith and company possess.  With their swagger and insanely good voice and strong musicianship, it was appropo that their latest album is called “Shock” because they were sending shockwaves to the packed audience at The Paramount.  The sleek, yet thick bassline that Brian Wheat provides kicked in as Frank Hannon ripped on the guitar for their 1989 hit “Hang Tough”.  In this, drummer Troy Luccketta certainly serves the song with his slick style behind the kit.  What makes Tesla stand out is their ability to incorporate blues and desert rock into their music.  This was definitely evident in the songs “Heaven’s Trail(No Way Out” and “Mama’s Fool”.

The crowd sang as loud as they could with their smash hits “Signs”, “Love Song” and the set closer “Modern Day Cowboy”.  This is one of the bands while they’ve achieved a considerable amount of success, seems to fly under the radar with folks, but they win audiences over with their supreme talent and swagger on stage.  Tesla is definitely a must-see attraction when they come to your neck of the woods.

The only thing that surprised me was that they didn’t play any cuts off of their “Shock” album, I thought that they would at least play a couple of songs off of the album to promote their latest effort.  The “Shock” tour ended last night in San Antonio.  It’ll be interesting to see what’s in store next for Tesla.  In the meantime, check out their music video for “Shock”.

Fans can find TESLA at the following locations:


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