On June 29th, Hyro The Hero has released his long awaited album entitled “Flagged Channel” via RED Music/Sony.  Fans of his will be abuzzed over the politically charged anger combined with the hip-hop/rock anthems that the Houston prodigy offers in his release.

Hyro The Hero has created a buzz with his hip-hop meets punk rock sound with his blistering live set, his gifted abilities as a wordsmith, and having his music being able to resonate with his fans.  The Wu-Tang Clan, Deftones, along with media outlets Kerrang! and BBC Radio 1 have taken notice and the Download Festival in the United Kingdom had Hyro The Hero become the first performer in the history of the Download Festival to play three different stages in one festival.

The music in “Flagged Channel” is intense and angry at the establishment, Hyro The Hero takes no prisoners and holds everyone accountable in songs such as “Bullet” and “Sick Of It All”.  In those songs, Hyro The Hero merely says what everyone seems to be thinking in regards to our media and the corrupt American federal government.  The mix of an old school Beastie Boys meets the modern punk sounds of groups like Bad Brains, Hollywood Undead, and Hed P.E. will certainly cause fans to take notice and realize that Hyro The Hero has held all of this in and he is unleashing the fury onto the masses.

Hyro The Hero also takes collaborations with Ash Costello of New Year’s Day in “Killas Are Comin” and guitarist James “Munky” Shaffer of Korn in “Devil In Disguise” showcase the versatility of Hyro The Hero in the arrangements of the music and Ash and Munky sound like they belonged on the aforementioned tracks of “Flagged Channel”.

If you’re feeling distraught and pissed off at the world, let Hyro The Hero channel that anger into the knockdown dragout mosh-fest that “Flagged Channel” has to offer.  If you’re a fan of angry hip-hop/punk rock, this album provides something real and authentic that fans of different genres can latch on to. While this record was pretty diverse in many parts and the collaborations with Ash and Munky will be well-received,  I just felt like a few of the songs felt a bit out of place to fit the theme of “Flagged Channel”, although those songs will appeal to Hyro The Hero’s underground fanbase, along with fans of the early 2000’s nu-metal genre.  Madness To Creation gives this album a solid 8 out of 10 stars.  This record will be celebrated and appreciated for the gift that Hyro The Hero has for being a crossover artist and for his lyricism.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Bullet
  2.  We Aren’t Afraid
  3.  Live Your Fuckin Life
  4.  Sick Of It All
  5.  Locked Loaded Ready
  6.  Killas Are Comin
  7.  Devil In Disguise
  8.  Get The Fuck Up
  9.  Do Or Die
  10.  Closed Casket
  11.  Never Back Down
  12.  Let The Snake Show

Hyro The Hero will be making a couple of festival appearances in the fall.  Check out the festival dates below.

Friday, September 28th- Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville, Kentucky

Saturday, October 13th- Aftershock Festival in Sacramento, California

Click here  for tickets and further information on the festivals listed above.

Fans can find Hyro The Hero at the following locations:








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